About Us

“It's no longer who you know, it's what website you know!”
As more and more business is conducted online using the internet, it is about time the road transport industry joined the revolution. We're leading the charge and believe TRUCKBHADA is “the future for freight!”

Our Mission

TruckBhada is here to keep trucks loaded, freight moving, and India's trucking industry chugging along at a happy, healthy pace. We're committed to providing instant load board access to truckers with cutting-edge technology that's user-friendly, economical, fast, and secure.

Our Vision

We believe load boards should be easy to use, fast and low cost. So did the trucking industry! Logistics professionals use TruckBhada every day as a means of conveying their freight load availability to thousands of motor carriers. Instantly, brokers, 3PLs and shippers can find carriers with just the right equipment, handling, reputation, and FINANCIAL stability.
As your competition increases, your organization must seek new and alternative ways to maximize your revenues and loaded miles. Use the power of the Internet to increase your business.
Truck Bhada works with Sub Contractors all across the country. We utilise specific carriers most suitable to the scope of work required. Be it a container load in Mumbai, to a drop deck semi in Surat, we identify the most suitable carrier in that part of the country and engage them to complete the job on time. We have over 350 Sub Contractors across India who work for us at any given time.
The Indian Transport Sector is reducing in size on an almost daily basis. With very high operating costs only getting worse, more of the smaller transport companies / operators are falling by the wayside. The downsizing of this sector is making it much more difficult to deal with smaller, more service orientated providers. It is because of this narrowing of the Transport Sector that Truck Bhada was formed, to service a growing gap in the MARKET.